Why I Decided To Start A Blog [No, Natalie, I Am Serious This Time Around]

In his book Discipleship Dietrich Bonhoeffer made the statement that Christians are “to follow Jesus into the world.”  Unfortunately, American Christians have been plagued by layers of divisions along the lines of church/state, church/world, sacred/secular, and Christian/Non-Christian to the extent that many do not shine their light in the darkness.  Many prefer instead to play laser tag with their flashlights.  On the one hand, this makes sense in light 1 John 2:15 and John’s command to Christians not to love the world or anything in it.  On the other hand, however, John’s brother Jesus commands His followers to go all over the world to make disciples.  How, then, are Christians to live within this biblical tension?

The goal of this blog is to minister within this tension.  My purpose is to help readers to think deeply about the Great Commission, its implications, and its application.  Essentially, I view this call to “make disciples” as an interaction between the three areas of theology, culture, and ministry.  The Bible is what sets the standards and portrays the reality for the ways in which Christians live in this fallen world.  The gathering of humans in different contexts results in the forming of cultures.  And, ministry is what happens when Gospel-bearers begin to preach to these various cultures.

In terms of organization, this blog will seek to maintain the following format:

  • Each post will address one of the three main areas: theology, culture, ministry.
  • Each month I will research and report on a question for discipleship and will write weekly posts in pursuit of this monthly goal.  For example, one month I may research the question, “Where do Quiet Times come from?”
  • Monthly emphases will yield weekly updates in the form of quick posts, quotes, and essays.
  • As a side hobby I will be collecting significant quotes as I hear them in sermons, read them in books and blogs, or hear them in the course of conversations.  Accordingly, readers may filter my posts by the “quotes” category to review this collection of proverbs.

About Doug Hankins

Although not a Christian in his youth, Doug came to believe in Jesus during his teenage years. When not playing sports or pastoring Doug is probably spending time with his wife, reading a good book, or drinking some hot tea. Doug's first book Dawson Trotman: In His Own Words is available wherever books are sold. You can follow Doug on twitter.
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