Sheryl Swoopes on ESPN’s Nine-for-IX

ESPN anchor Hannah Storm has taken a recent turn as director and producer for one of EspnW’s documentary series Nine for IX entitled ‘Swoopes.’  The film tells the up and down life story of women’s basketball great Sheryl Swoopes with the goal of highlighting the determination and “keeping it realness” that acts as the character centrality of Swoopes’ life. I loved watching Swoopes play for my hometown Houston Comets (who won the first four WNBA titles, BTW).

Storm talks about the film in this video.


One of the things I find fascinating about Storm’s analysis is that she contrasts the relative bravery of Swoopes’ decision to come out vs. the relative commonplace announcement made by Brittney Griner (For the record, I am a Griner fan).  This was personally validating for me, since I made a similar observation on this blog in April.

Additionally, I find it interesting just how ESPN tiptoes around the messy fact that Swoopes, who came out in 2000, is also now engaged to a . . . man.  LZ Granderson, who is good friends with Chris Broussard, flirts with this apparent inconsistency in the LGBT narrative but takes his cue from Swoopes herself and does not offer a solution to the philosophical tension.

I sometimes feel that, as a Christian, I am denied the opportunity to have any substantial perspective on the LGBT movement based on the fact that I am morally and theologically opposed to the movement.  Both Granderson and Storm’s comments and the film’s driving thesis helped me to feel not so detached from the larger conversation about being gay in sports in America in the 21st century.  Apparently, non-supporters and supporters of the LGBT movement have commonality in the sphere of reason and observation.  Yay for enlightenment!

For more information you can read LZ Granderson’s story of Swoopes( the woman and the film) here.

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