On Baylor Homecoming and Cool Halftime Shows

Ok, I have to admit that I only saw this via youtube, but I was totally impressed on a number of levels with Baylor’s homage to our national champions at the Homecoming halftime show last Saturday.   If you have not seen my good friend Paul Carr’s video on youtube yet, you should check it out (below).

There is so much I love about this video.

  • I love the “Baylor” script.
  • I love that the horse runs.
  • I love that the basketball player dribbles before shooting the free throw.
  • I love that the basketball is a group of non-instrumental band peeps.
  • I love that they spell out “40-0,” the number of wins and losses of our Women’s national championship basketball team.
  • I love that we used the biggest event of the school year to celebrate our two national championships.
  • I love that our football team won the game (4-4, really?).
  • I love that we played the theme from Dudley Do-Right.
  • I love that we played “Celebration.” By Cool and The Gang.

Very cool Baylor.  Very cool.  And thanks for a memorable Homecoming.

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