HUVr Tech: Real or Fake?

Apparently Huvr Boards are real now.

The viral video launched yesterday  and as of this post has 1.6 million hits.

But the question that many are asking is: “Is this real?” And I want to know.  Because, I want to own one. I am more excited about this invention than the Copenhagen Wheel.

Devin Faraci at this website has done a bit of digging and concludes that this is a fake ad produced by Funny or Die and may be intended to raise awareness for a reboot of the Back to The Future franchise.

Seriously, I want to know if this is real because I want to hover board to work.  Also, because in 1990 I drew up a schematic chart using crayon and paper in which I laid out a magnetic engineering design for a hover board.  I am pretty sure that I would have intellectual rights to said design.

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