California’s New Pot Law in 2011

The Californian Legislature rang in the new year by inching one step closer to legalizing Marijuana.  SB 1449 makes the possession of one ounce of marijuana an infraction with a penalty of a $100 fine.

For all you math majors out there, this puts the cost of pot into a linear equation (y = mx + b): The cost of the pot itself is your x, the m refers to one ounce and thus will always be 1x, and the y is your fixed cost, at $100 dollars.

So whenever you are considering scoring some weed, make sure to do your math before you get blitzed. Take the cost per ounce that the illegal drug dealer is charging, multiply it by 1 ounce, and then add $100 dollars to account for the new “slap on the hand” fine and you should have your drug fix accounted for in your budget.

Now, if only marijuana wasn’t scientifically linked to decreased math skills

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