Best Bluegrass Covers: Men At Work

The Best Bluegrass Covers Series

Taking a trip back to the 1980’s, the Pickin’ On crew tackled the Men At Work anthem, Down Under. Check out the youtube of the song below.

The cover meets all of our criteria:

  1. Down Under peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1982/1983.
  2. The Pickin’ On crew is an amazing cover band, as previously stated.
  3. Australian synth pop is clearly distinct from bluegrass.
  4. The cover works and I secretly prefer it to the original.  The flute solo, which brought up a series of copyright lawsuits, takes away from the timeless appeal of the song.  I believe that bluegrass better preserves the tune.

Click the play arrow below to hear the bluegrass cover.

Down Under (The Bluegrass Tribute to Men At Work)

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