Best Bluegrass Covers: Kanye

The Best Bluegrass Covers Series

One of my friends put it quite bluntly: Kanye is the most creative rapper in the business and he is the biggest D___ B____.  In this song, we can guess that Kanye was not a mere victim–he probably brought some of this upon himself. But what he gives us by way of musical reflection is something special.

So, how could one possibly “bluegrass” such a song? Well, the fellas at the Pickin’ On Series figured out a way. And it is amazing.

It passes the criteria test (from the Intro):

  • It peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100
  • Bluegrass and Rap are two distinct styles.
  • The cover band can play.
  • The cover works. In fact, I like the cover better than the original.

While I can not find the full song on youtube, I can link to the myspace page.


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