Awesomely Bad Covers: Thrift Shop Goes To The Eye Doctor

My brother-in-law Paul is an optometrist and told me about this “Thrift Shop” parody written by some students at the Illinois College of Optometry.  I can see Paul rolling on the floor laughing.  As for me, I just find this parody to be oddly weird.  I think I need a Doctorate of Optometry to understand all the inside jokes and innuendo.

That being said, a thorough search of youtube reveals that the eye doctor cover is not even in the running for worst cover of “Thrift Shop.”

  • This is the worst cover (Poppy Violin Version?).
  • This is the second worst cover (Metal Version).
  • This is the third worst cover (Boy Band Blink 182-ish Version).
  • This one is okay (a cappella).

The best line of the whole Eye Doctor parody, in my opinion, is when the nerdy guy leans into the door frame and says, “D—, that’s a professional clinician.” Clever.

The second best thing about this parody video is the means of lighting for the shot.  Did you notice it?  They are using clinical lights in lieu of can or strobe lights normally present in rap videos. Very Clever.


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  1. paul says:

    To be honest… I have never listened to the original. LOL… this one is just too funny.

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